Blovelight Precision has been an important supplier for many big companies for years, our customers include many Fortune 500 companies, as well as a number of well-known domestic enterprises. We have high efficient, high precision manufacturing and many processing technical expertise. Blovleight is not limited to certain types of processing methods, to respond to new challenges, we have introduced new technologies and implemented new work standards every year. Helping customers solve their manufacturing problems is our permanent commitment. Our long-term goal is to improve process quality, productivity and operator skills through innovative manufacturing solutions.

    Composite Assembly Process

    With the growing domestic demand for consumer electronics, product manufacturing processes and techniques are changing rapidly. In order to meet requirement for consumer electronics to have new functions and characteristic styles, Composite Assembly Process is fast replacing traditional assembly processes.

    Liquid Silicone Molding:

    Blovelight supplies domestic well-known brands with composite plastic components of liquid injection molding and plastic injection molding. It provides profession technical solutions and material choose proposal according to customer’s product performance & parameters requirement to ensure good gas proof, dust proof, water proof and other performance.

    Special engineering materials

    Special engineering plastics is also called high performance engineering plastics. It is engineering plastics that has higher comprehensive properties, which can be used at high temperature that is above 150 degrees Celsius environment. Mainly used in cars, printers and other industries.

    Water Proof:

    In contemporary rapid development of smart phones,Water Proof becomes a luxurious function. In the meantime to keep smart phone light and to have big and high definition display in order to in line with average consumer demand characteristics, smart phone interior also should have good performance for water and dust proof. This is certainly a demanding requirement.
    After more than 10 years continuous improvement and practices, Blovelight already conquered this technology,and improved tooling and manufacturing standards. In application of the technology, Blovelight is mature enough and can formulate water and dust proof proposals according to customer’s requirement for different product. At present, it is our constant efforts and innovation that guarantee our ability to continue supply stable quality of water and dust proof parts to Global Fortune 500 Companies.

    In-mold sheet metal molding:

    Blovlight introduced 5-axis servo robots from Japan to automatically load sheet metal and unload finished parts to make sure molding stability, productivity and yield rate to be improved to a wide margin. By doing so, molding cycle was controlled at 25 to 28 seconds & ensures 24 hours 7 days automatic process.

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